Does Size Matter

Size does matter, right? Wrong. We have all heard that it is the motion in the ocean that gets a partner going, and not the size that counts. While this is often true when it comes to the actual length of a penis it is not really true when it comes to the width, or girth, of the penis.

The average length of a penis is just over five inches. A woman’s most sensitive spot, the ever elusive G-spot, is not far away from the entrance to the vagina. So, in reality, it should be easy for a man to pleasure this area of a woman while having intercourse. If this were only true there would be fewer products on the market aimed to hit the target. In reality if a man’s penis is not thick enough it has no hopes of hitting the mysterious spot that makes her wriggle with enjoyment.  This spot is found on the stomach side of the vagina, and is about two inches in. A slim penis has no hopes of reaching this spot as there are bumps and curves it must put pressure on to stimulate it. So what’s a man to do?


Just as women need to exercise their forbidden fruits to keep it tight men need to exercise to keep the blood flowing to their junk, and maybe even build up a thicker penis while they are at it. When we exercise it gets the blood pumping and this blood pumping is exactly what engorges a penis when it becomes erect. If clogged arteries are causing a blood flow problem seeking medical attention for it is highly advised. In cases where blood flow is limited to the man member a penis pump will work to temporarily bring blood to the penis. If this does not sound like a fun process all one needs to do is hand the device to a woman. In less than two seconds she will take that chore from boring to exciting.

Exercising will also help get rid of the love handles. Overweight men may actually believe that their penis is shrinking as they gain weight, but this is not true. The belly is not the only place that fat likes to hang out at. The groin is another area in the body that fat loves to live at. The fat in the groin area can basically take size away from a penis. So, put some effort into it, and start exercising. Keep this motto in mind while you do: Lose the fat and find the penis! Some men may be in absolute shock at how large their penis really is once the groin fat is gone.

The Flat Tire

Stress has an uncanny ability to mess up most things in life, and most things in the body. Stress that is not properly dealt with can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and yes, it can even lead to a flat penis. There are many books on this very subject that write natural cures to help with it. Meditation may help to alleviate stress, but so can taking a nice long walk or jog. So, to pump up that flat tire one must get the body moving.

Many men on this earth have a problem with their own penis. They complain to themselves that it is not long enough, it is not wide enough, and it is too crooked, and so on. With a little work to keep the body healthy and the penis working none of those complaints really matter. If the man part still brings him pleasure, and he uses his imagination to bring his partner pleasure then the size and shape of the penis is absolutely perfect.