How to Enlarge Penis

So you are interested in getting information on how to enlarge your penis.

We will try our best to help achieve this goal by giving you the options that are available on the subject of how to get a bigger penis.

First let’s start with some basic information

Man has always been interested in Penis Enhancement.

Mankind has always been fascinated by the penis, especially for large penises. Front ancient cave drawings of villagers with enormous penises being renowned by others to monuments and temples paying homage to the big phallus. Gods and legends generally had large members to show superiority over the common man.

The ancient Egyptian God called Geb was frequently shown thrusting his large penis upward to the heavens. The Roman’s Priapus with his red tipped wonder. There are many examples of the power of the penis in human history, especially the large penis.

Even today!
To this day in Africa the large penis plays a part in rituals in which weights are hung on the penis to make in bigger. A large penis has always been a sign of virility and strength so it makes sense that men want to achieve a larger penis size, it is simply human nature.

Is my Penis too Small, how to get a Bigger Penis?

Let’s discus what is considered big and what is small?
Some men are what is called a “grower not shower” this means when the penis is flaccid it can be rather non impressive 2 to 3 inches. But once the penis is fully erect the size ranges from 5.5 to 8 inches.

This is very common. Then there are those that are growers and showers meaning when flaccid they dangle and when hard they are monsters. Some men are simply showers meaning they are roughly the same size hard or soft. Now if you spend a lot of time naked in front of other people then flaccid length really means nothing. For sexual purposes the erect length is what counts.

Note: do not pay attention to porn movies when comparing your lower unit, these men are selected because of their endowment, they are not the norm.

The penis has been measured since there were tools for measuring. The average length not only varies from race but also location, which we will discuss in others articles.

The general accepted average size is 5.5 inches when erect. Smaller than 5 inches can be considered less than average or smaller.

Does this mean you are doomed to never be a sexual wonder?

No! Does size matter to women? Surveys vary on this subject, most women say in noted surveys that the size is not a major factor. However there have been anonymous surveys done when women seem to voice different opinions. In these instances many women claim that size does matter. Look at this way if you are a man, does breast size matter? It all depends on you and your partner. For the most part women claim the whole love making process is what counts, so pay attention to your partners needs.

The Vagina and Penis Size

The average vagina is under four inches when not aroused. Before and during sex the vagina increases in size and blood flow, more as the woman is aroused. Women that have more vaginal growth during sex may be in need of a larger penis for full stimulation.

Of course this is not a rule written in stone. Some women are pleasured shallower in the vagina and some deeper. Being too small may not be ideal but on the other end of the spectrum either is being too large. Those men that are built like a donkey may have limited sex lives because they are simply too big. Many positions cannot be used nor can they fully enter their partner.

Length, Girth and the Clitoris?

Length is considered from the base to the tip , girth is the measurement around the thickest part of the penis. Stimulation for women comes from the penis touching the clitoris not from banging the back of the vagina. A larger penis may have more area to rub the clit but sometimes it is the motion rather than the size that counts. It is different from partner to partner.

How to Increase Penis Size, What are the Options?
Let’s discus the options available for you to increase penis size. Well let’s start by stating 100% that pills do not work. You cannot take a supplement or herb mix to permanently increase penis size. The only real effect the pills may have is they can make you horny or aroused.

Being more aroused will of course cause a fully and longer erection but this is NOT permanent penis growth. Also for the most these pills are pure quackery, who knows what is actually added to them? Supplements are not as regulated as drugs so buyer beware. For the most part enhancement pills or supplements are a waste of money!

How to increase penis size?

The only viable way to make your dick bigger is through actual physical enhancement. There are three possible options: Exercises, Stretchers or Pumps and Surgery.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Let’s start here, probably the most economical and tested method. There are many programs available that can lead you through the programs that do have verified results.

One of which is the Penis Enlargement Bible. This program included stretching and exercises that develop and increase penis length and girth. The program takes many months and is hard work but it does show results.

Your results will vary and are tied to the effort you put into the program.

Natural Penis Growth, Stretchers

Next option such as the Quick Extender Pro, this items is basically the same premise as the exercises but without the manual labor.
The device is worn in the privacy of your home and results vary depending on use and the users physicality.
Penis Pumps for Penis Enlargement

Penis pumps have been around for several decades. Penis Pumps use the force generated by a vacuum to pull and stretch the penis fibers. Some contend their effectiveness but they work on the same principals as exercises and stretching devices. Penis pumps can also help with those men suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction).

Bathmate Hydro Max Pump, Increase Penis Size

There is a new type of pump now that works under water, using the force of the water pressure but also giving relaxation to fibers and muscles. Some state the combination of vacuum and relaxation have a more effective result than standard penis pumps.

Surgery, Yes, No or Maybe?

The last physical alteration available for your penis is surgery. This is an expensive and risky option. If there are complications you could get nerve damage and loose the ability to receive and erection. The cost is generally quite high as well, ranging from $5000 and up.

There is also the embarrassment factor. You will have office visits, billing and other ways for your procedure to be discovered by others which of could of course cause you to even more self-conscious. Surgery is only recommended for extreme cases or the inverted penis condition which is something totally different than having a below average penis size.

How Long Does Penis Enhancement Take?

Depending on the method you choose for increasing penis size, it can take several months to well over a year. Remember patience is the key there is no “quick fix” for increasing penis size. The fibers and tissue must be enlarged in small increments.

Taking your time is also safer, giving the fibers and tissue time to heal is the best method. Whatever the reason you have for using penis enlargement exercises or devices be careful and take your time. An injury from these methods could do much more harm than the enlargement will help.

It is better to have slightly smaller penis that works well than to have a big floppy dick that will not get erect, correct?

Penis Size and Your Partner

Your penis is as different as you are. Finding the right partner is much more important than having a large penis. Confidence comes from many attributes not just your wanker size. Remember there are many men in the world with large penises that are not good lovers. Caring about what your partner wants or likes in bed may be more important.
Pleasing your partner is a well rounded art form, not just sticking it in and out in a fast paced motion. If you really want to increase your penis size there are methods that may work for you, just as with anything in life you want keep trying until you reach your goals.
We will bring you more information on how to make your dick, meat missile, dong, dork , Willie, Johnson, cock or whatever you want to call it , LARGER. (SEE the List of pecker names)